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Washington D.C.
BALAO (SS-285)
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Fairwater at the Washington Navy Yard
Washington, DC
Displayed on the grounds of the new Naval Sea Systems Command building.
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USS BALAO SS-285/AGSS-285 History (USN History website)

Naval Historical Center-Navy Museum

NOTICE: Due to increased security at the Washington Navy Yard, visitor access to the Naval Historical Center is limited. GO HERE FOR DETAILS

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Summer 2002


    By Dr. Roderick Speer, PhD., Material Donation Manager
    On Saturday 8 June 2002 the Navy Yard welcomed back an old friend, the ex-USS Balao (SS-285).                            Copy of NAVSEA Article

Gary Walker's collection of BALAO sail restoration pictures

July 2001

The following report on the status of the DC Yard was received from Frank Thompson, the curator of the Navy Annex, :

    Here is an update on the material that used to be on display in the Navy Museum Annex. All of these items have been removed from the building. Over the next few years, the annex will be remodeled into the Cold War Museum. We had to find homes for the submarine material that was on display. Here's what happened to the items:

    1. INTELLIGENT WHALE: On long-term loan to the New Jersey National Guard Militia Museum in Sea Girt, N.J.

    2. German SEEHUND: On long- term Loan to the Submarine Memorial Association (New Jersey Naval Museum) in Hackensack alongside the USS LING

    3. Japanese KAITEN: On long- term loan to the Submarine Memorial Association (New Jersey Naval Museum) in Hackensack alongside the USS LING

    4. Italian Maile: since no party was interested, we had to put it in storage. I am still looking for an interested museum that would like to display it. It is currently enroute to our remote storage facility at Cheatham Annex.

    5. RONCADOR Conning Tower: On long-term loan to the Maritime Park Association (PAMPANITO) in San Francisco. It is planned for use in a display in their soon to be built shoreshide museum****

    **** The RONCADOR fairwater(sail) is at Ballast Point, San Diego --- See California

    6. POSEIDON Missile. Will be part of the Cold War exhibit at the Navy Museum.

    Other information:

    1. The X-1 was moved from the grounds of the Naval Academy. It is now on long-term loan to the Submarine Force Museum in Groton, CT

    2. The German SEEHUND that used to be on display at the Submarine Force Museum is now at the United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum in Qunicy, MA.

    Status as of August 2002

    Frank Thompson - Curator
    Branch Naval Historical Center