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the list of 52 LOST BOATS of World War Two as designated by the SubVets of WWII

Submarine Memorial site - Henry Illinois
Submarine Memorial
Photo by Robert A. Falardeau


Dedication Ceremony
April 12, 2000

Dedicated to

past, present and future Submariners
who defend our nation in peace and war
on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the
United States Navy Submarine Service
1900 - 2000

Memorial is located in front of the Recruit Training Command Chapel

Text & image contributed by Art Randall


A stained glass window of St Isidore is installed at a church. This particular window will have a bronze plaque engraved in memory of the US Submarine Veterans of WWII.

USSVI - Dedication in Peoria IL
L to R William Theisen, Curator Wisconsin Maritime Museum; David P. Ransburg Mayor City of Peoria;
Ernie Crowl Chairman Historical Marker Committee; Jim Welch Commander, Peoria Base USSVI


Manitowoc Submarine Historical Marker
Erected by Peoria Base US Submarine Veterans Inc.
Dedicated 11 October 2003
Jim Welch, USSVI Peoria Base Commander Presiding

The marker is located in Liberty Park along the bank
of the Illinois river at the foot of Liberty Street

Illinois River
The Illinois River flowing to New Orleans
as viewed from Liberty Park, Peoria, Illinois

On October 11 2003, the Peoria Base dedicated a historical monument site at Liberty Park overlooking the Illinois River. It commemorates the movement of Manitowoc boats down the Illinois river to New Orleans, passing Peoria in the process.

USSVI does not have many dedicated historical sites and and only a few are dedicated to the Manitowoc Boats    --- Jim Welch

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by Art Randall, Director USSVI Central Region


S-44 Memorial

Location: Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery
27034 South Diagonal Road Elwood, IL 60421
Phone: (815) 423-9958 FAX: (815) 423-5824

Years in the planning, the vision of the Illinois Submarine Veterans of WWII became a reality on October 7, 2003 when it dedicated a memorial to the S-44, the State organization's adopted submarine lost in WWII.

See link at top of this page for the complete list of the 50 states and their assigned lost submarines from the list of 52 LOST BOATS of World War Two as designated by the SubVets of WWII

The memorial to the S-44 was donated to the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery and is located in a secluded part of the 950-acre cemetery.

The visitor is welcomed to the site by a monument to Pearl Harbor Survivors leading to a winding path and a quiet walk among tall trees.

Other memorials line the path with contemplation benches along the way, offering rest and solitude to those that pass by.

The S-44 Memorial can be seen in the lower left corner of this picture


Information, text and images by Art Randall, Director Central Region