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CLICK FOR FULL PICTURE - HAWKBILL sail at Idaho science center - Arco, Idaho
August 2002

Arco, Idaho
Located at the Idaho Science Center
(I.S.C. is near the old Naval Reactors Facility at Idaho Falls, Idaho)
Image copied from   USSVI HAWKBILL Base

On May 29th 2004 the Memorials to the USS S27 (SS-132) and for all of the Submarine losses since 1900 were Dedicated in the city of Arco, Idaho near the sail of the USS HAWKBILL SSN-666.

Images and text from May 29th 2004 Memorial Dedication
Contributed by Rick Rowe

Dedicated on 19 July 2003

Hawkbill dedication

HAWKBILL's last Commanding Officer, Commander Robert H. Perry,
gave the historical keynote presentation.

The "Submarine in the Desert" is a permanent Memorial to the many accomplishments and historical firsts achieved by her, attested to by the many awards and medals earned during her 29 years of service to her country ... and it is a living memorial to all of the men that served aboard her.

Dedication announcement by "Doc" Reed, Secretary of the Hawkbill Base.

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