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the list of 52 LOST BOATS of World War Two as designated by the SubVets of WWII

Freedom Park

Marlin in Omaha

Another view

Freedom Park, 2497 Freedom Park Road
1600 Abbott Drive, Omaha, NE 68110
(402) 345-1959

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The memorial to the submarine WAHOO is located on the courthouse lawn in Wahoo. It is a MK 14 torpedo mounted on a concrete base. There is a bronze plaque measuring 24X36", commemoriating the submarine and the crew members lost with her. The memorial faces Highways 30 and 77. This memorial was dedicated by US SubVets WWII on 9-6-62. 
The original Ship's bell from the WAHOO is kept by the Veterans of Foreign Wars in the Veterans Memorial Building at Wahoo, Nebraska.   (Photo courtsey of Bruce Steyer)

American Legion Post #3 has a room/meeting hall that is called the Submarine Room. Placed around the walls are large colored prints of submarines with each box framed and lighted. One wall is covered with plate glass, under which are mounted more submarine photos including WWII boats. Also there is a walnut plaque commemorating the lost 52 WW boats.

A Plaque dedicated to Patrick McKenna who left Boystown to join the Navy and was lost aboard the USS ALBACORE SS-219 (Dec. 1944) is installed in the halls of Boystown. The inscription on the plaque indicates that it was donated by the US SubVetsWWII of Oregon which is the ALBACORE's adoptive state.