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lost submarines from the list of 52 LOST BOATS of World War Two 
as designated by the SubVets of WWII
Rhode Island

RI Vet Cemetery 2003
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Veteran's Cemetery

Ocean State shipmates at the memorial, L to R:
Mario Romalio, Jack Ryan, Tony Facella, Jack Ward, Ed Brodeura, Nick Calderiso, Don Kane, John Brazil

On May 18, 2003 the SubVets of WWII Ocean State Chapter dedicated a memorial to the submariners lost during WWII. The ceremony was held at the Rhode Island Veteran's Cemetery in Exeter, RI. About 200 submariners, families and friends attended. Donald Kane, 1st Vice President, SubVets WWII was the principle speaker. His remarks about the men and life on board a WWII submarine were well received by those present. Senator Jack Reed (RI) also spoke.

Source: Polaris magazine (Oct. 2003 ed)   Text and image provided by Frank Toon
Posted Oct. 2003