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"Submarine Lionfish was decommissioned after World War II but recommissioned for Korean War service. She was deactivated a second time in 1953 and became a reserve training submarine in 1960 at Providence, Rhode Island. In 1972, Submarine Lionfish was placed on permanent loan with the USS Massachusetts Memorial Committee and joined Battleship Massachusetts at Battleship Cove. USS Lionfish is a National Historic Landmark."

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LIONFISH at Battleship Cove
Fall River, MA 02721
508) 678-1100 

On 17 January 2004, Bob Casey (aka the Lion Keeper) a long-time
memorial boat USS LIONFISH volunteer departed on Eternal Patrol.
Bob Casey Tribute
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St Mary of Harbor Church

Contains a memorial cross dedicated to the crew members of the S-4. They also
hold a memorial service on the 17th of each December in honor of the crew. 

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Memorial to three local crew members of USS THRESHER SSN-593
WW II Veteran's Assoc. Club, 50 Conz St., Northhampton MA

USS THRESHER SSN-593, with 129 people, was lost at sea 10 APRIL 1963

In 1992 a type 8B periscope was installed at the club along with a plaque to memorialize the three lost shipmates. The periscope is functional and was donated by Kollmorgen Corp., the local manufacturer of the scope. Bay State West Base of the USSVI holds monthly meetings at the WWII Veterans Club.

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CDR USSVI/Bay State West Base

Posting date: 10 Jun 2003

USS TROUT SS-202 Memorial
Lost 29 February 1944
The plaque lists all Mass. Submariners lost in WWII.
Photo from BR Barbee
At the corner of Cabot and Dodge Streets is a stone memorial with
a bronze plaque in honor of Garrett Lynch of the USS GROWLER and
Paul Trask of the AMBERJACK, both lost in WWII.

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A street named for George R. Melvin of the USS CAPELIN SS-289
On Eternal Patrol December 1943.

Melvin Court   MARBLEHEAD BASE USSVI conducted the dedication ceremony of Melvin Court on 14 June 2003.
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Charon Drive, a street in the north side of town is named for Robert Charron, a civilian technician who perished when the USS THRESHER SSN-593 was lost at sea on 10 April 1963
Battleship Cove
This memorial has since been moved to battleship Cove.

History of the memorial:    On June 15, 1963 the US SubVets WWII dedicated a memorial to the USS TROUT. The location is at Station 180-00 between the Government Service Road and the State Highway between Buzzards Bay and Sagamore on Cape Cod. The memorial is a huge stone some 13' high and 5' wide.

Massachusetts State Veterans Cemetery

A memorial headstone to honor all Submarine Veterans is located in Agawam, MA at the Massachusetts State Veterans Cemetery. The cemetery is a very well maintained place of honor for all former Massachusetts Veterans and Bay State West is proud to be a part of this lasting memorial to all veterans. The site is on land that was donated by a local farmer who did not want it developed.

The Submarine Memorial stone was a joint effort by Bay State West SubVets of WWII and USSVI Bay State West Base. There was also a plaque placed in the chapel.

Images & text contributed by Nick Ottomaniello CDR USSVI/Bay State West Base        Posting date: 30 July 2003