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the list of 52 LOST BOATS of World War Two as designated by the SubVets of WWII

SCAMP Plaque
(Capitol Bldg)
USS SCAMP Memorial

SCAMP memorial images provided by George Arnold
Topeka-Jefferson City USSVI Base

SCAMP - both plaques
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[ USSVI Webmaster note: The following article was
copied from Paul W. Wittmer's SubVetsWWII website ]

Excerpted from an article in the August 1990 issue of The Scuttlebutt News
by: Jack Tolliver, who was Deputy State Commander (SubVetsWWII) at that time.

On June 19, 1990 the US Submarine Vets of WW II added a plaque to the Scamp Memorial located in the Capitol Building Rotunda in Jefferson City, Missouri. Dr. John Taylor was Master of Ceremonies.
The colors were presented by the Missouri Championship Color Guard, which consisted of ILL-MO and MUDDY-MO members, and after the benediction there were the introductions. The engineering officer, COB (Chief of the Boat) and two men of the crew, all members of the USS Jefferson City (SSN 759) expressed their pleasure in being there and able to participate in the memorial program. Dr. Taylor gave a resume of Scamp operations and elaborated on how the Scamp was selected as our state boat when Dewey "Dutch" Dalwitz was State Commander. "Dutch" was a crewmember of Scamp and received the Navy Cross for his valiant effort in stopping a flooding condition through the sound head log that would have resulted in loss of the boat had it been allowed to continue.
SCAMP - Lost crew list plaque
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USSVI Webmaster Note:
Image by George Arnold of Topeka-Jefferson City USSVI Base
The plaque which was added to the memorial was from the Pearl Harbor Sub Base Memorial which had been replaced and re-dedicated in April of '88. Harold Ballenger and Jack Tolliver were in attendance at this re-dedication and through the efforts of Past National President, Harold, the original bronze plaque was obtained for Missouri.
The plaque displays the names of all crewmembers that were lost with the Scamp and is an appropriate addition to our State Memorial. To my knowledge, this is the only memorial located in a State Capitol building and is viewed daily by visitors, especially secondary school students, probably the most visited of any memorial.

Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery

2900 Sheridan Road

A Memorial dedicated to the Fifty-two United States Submarines lost during World War II and the Crew and Officers lost with them.              Lest We Forget
Built, Installed and Dedicated on 12 July 2003 by the Members and Wives of the ILL-MO Rebel Squadron of the US Submarine Veterans of WWII.

Paul Wittmer, US SubVet WWII Missouri State Commander, Presiding.

Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery - Saint Louis MO

Contributed by Art Randall Director USSVI Central Region
and Associate Member US SubVets of WWI I

Memorial Stone Photo Contributed by Paul Wittmer
Member US SubVets WWII and US SubVets, Inc.

Photos of Jefferson Barracks,
Courtesy of Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery

SSBN-636 Memorial


Dedicated on 3 April 2004

Installation took place February 19, 2004 at Nathanael Greene Park
in Springfield, Missouri.

The Monument Inscription Read:

This Memorial is dedicated to all U.S.
Submarine Sailors both living
and deceased that dared to "Take Her Deep"
and especially those submariners that manned
the Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine

U.S.S. Nathanael Greene SSBN-636

During her 40 plus nuclear deterrent patrols from
1964 to 1986 these "Boomer" patrols comprised the 3rd leg
of our country's nuclear triad which so effectively
contained the Soviet Union and contributed greatly to
our country winning the Cold War.

Pride Runs Deep

This Memorial sponsored by the Ozark-Runner Base
United States Submarine Veterans Inc.
Springfield, Missouri

More about the memorial from the Ozark-Runner Base

Designated Section of I-70 in Missouri
It is scheduled to be dedicated in August of 2004.
US Submarine Veterans Memorial Highway Notice
Posting Date: 16 May 2004