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Northern Nevada Memorial Veterans Cemetery

Dedicated 19 November 1995
Moved to current location 1996

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In 1995 a Mk 16 Torpedo was placed at the Reno VA Medical Center with a scale model of USS CORVINA in a plexiglas case on top.

New construction at the Medical Center required that the memorial be moved and in 1996 the MK 16 was moved to the Northern Nevada Memorial Veterans Cemetery in Fernley, NV.

The US SubVets of WWII, Las Vegas Chapter, donated bronze plaques on which the names of the CORVINA crew are listed and a bronze plaque stating that the memorial is in honor of the USS CORVINA. The USSVI (United States Submarine Veterans, Inc.), Mare Island Base, donated a marble plaque with the USSVI Creed engraved on it.

The scale model submarine is currently in the Military Museum located in the entrance to the nursing home of the VA Medical Center in Reno, NV.

3 Mar 03 Update - Images and info contributed by Leif Larsen of USSVI Corvina Base

The USS CORVINA Memorial was the result of several years of hard work by Richard (Bay Leaves) Koenig CS1(SS) USN/RET.

Southern Nevada Veterans Cemetery

USS CORVINA SS-226 Memorial

November 16, 1998
Memorial dedication remarks by
J. Richardsen - Silver State Submarine Veterans of World War II

    On this day 55 years ago, the CORVINA and her crew were lost. This day, 55 years later, we are here to dedicate this memorial to them, to their families, to their purpose and to prove in our way that their loss will not go unnoticed. We know their loss was not in vain, and it must be remembered and honored. If you will listen, very closely, not with your ears, but with your heart, you will hear a very definite, "Thank You", from these brave warriors of the CORVINA.

Text and image provided by John.Dale
BASE-51 USSVI Las Vegas NV
Source: Website of Base 51 USSVI (Nevada)