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Images courtesy of Jim Flanders
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USS SILVERSIDES and Maritime Museum
Pierre Marquette Park
PO Box 1692
North Muskegon, MI 49443
(616) 744-9117

East Park

In 1973 a six foot tall stone memorial was dedicated to the USS ESCOLAR SS-294. Dedication speaker was Capt. David McClintock of the USS DARTER. The memorial is in Charlevoix, which is just North of Grand Traverse Bay on Lake Michigan.

(Image above contributed by Ramon Samson - USSVI PERCH BASE)
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Plaque honoring Benjamin S. Gill EMC(SS)
He maintained the Charlevoix Memorial.
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Marquette Maritime Museum

Mcclintock/Claggett/Darter/Dace Memorial
Memorial was dedicated on 27 May 2000

A memorial to commemorate the achievements of Captains David H. Mcclintock and Bladen D. Claggett; the officers and crews of the USS DARTER SS-227 and the USS DACE SS-247; and all World War II submariners

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Retired Captain David H. McClintock looking at the "Lost U.S. Submarines of World War II" Plaque alongside the Submariner Memorial in Marquette, Michigan. Barely visible on the right is the warhead of the Mark XIV torpedo donated by the USS SILVERSIDES Museum in Muskegon, Michigan.

The Plaque at the Memorial reads as follows:

This monument representing a WW II submarine is dedicated to Captain David H. McClintock USN, Marquette; to Captain B. Dulaney Claggett USN, Bethesda, MD; and to the officers and men of submarines DARTER and DACE.

Their contact reports and torpedoes changed the course of the largest naval engagement in history -- the Battle for Leyte Gulf, Phillippines, Oct. 23-26, 1944 -- which led to the end of the Japanese navy as an offensive force.

This is also dedicated to all American submariners, especially the more than 3600 who gave their lives to help preserve the freedoms we all enjoy today.

Dedicated May 27, 2000.

The Darter/Dace Memorial pictures contributed by Dave Carpenter
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  • Marquette Submariner Memorial
  • Notes from Dave C.
    Dedication of the Marquette Maritime Museum Annex, with a working U.S. Navy periscope installed in it, will take place September 2001. By then, the two 20mm guns will be mounted on top of the Memorial, the 4-foot wrought iron fence surrounding it will be in place, and the MK 14 torpedo on loan from the SILVERSIDES Museum in Muskegon will be in front of the Memorial.
    Obituary of Captain David H. McClintock USN
    b. February 26, 1912 - d. January 11, 2002.
    The original bridge structure of the USS DRUM is near the USS SILVERSIDES at Muskegon. This structure was replaced after the 5th patrol due to damage. The screw in the picture is from the SILVERSIDES.

    A larger view of the DRUM bridge may be seen at the USS SIVERSIDES section displayed above in this page.
    Grayling Michigan - American Legion mil displays
    Military displays shown in park(field) adjacent to the American Legion in Grayling.
    Lower left side of picture can be seen the anchor and chain for USS GRAYLING SSN-646
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    GRAYLING SSN-646 Anchor and chain.
    At the base there is a plaque.
    Grayling images contributed by Al Davis