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Members of UDT-14  WWII   Operations in the Pacific
On the fantail of USS BULL APD-68
Platoon members and date unknown
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UDT-14          14  Activated: 9-15-1944        Deactivated: 10-20-1945


While attached to APD-78 USS Bull participated in Lingayen Gulf (Luzon, Philippines) landings. On January 7th UDT-14 scouted the beaches at the North side of Lingayen Gulf under light sniper fire with no casualties. Invasion of Iwo Jima (14 February-5 March); and seizure of Okinawa (21 March-22 April, 2-8 May, and 29 May-1 July). Reportedly members shot down two Kamikaze's during the Luzon operation with .50's they had mounted on the Bull (Not verified). Rotated back to the United States in June of 1945 and was there until War's end.


One of the three "Fleet Teams" made up of volunteers with at least one year combat experience and put through a compressed six-week training schedule in Kihei, Maui. In a little over one year of service, UDT 14 received 11 Silver Star medals, 81 Bronze Star Medals with the combat V attachment, a Navy Unit Commendation, a Presidental Unit Citation, Commendation from Commander Amphibious Group 2, Commendation from Commander Amphious Force; Commendation from Commander UDT-14 (after reassignment), and three Purple Hearts; one posthumously.