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Sid Note: My late cousin, William A. 'Bill' Harrison FC/2c - Back row, 4th from the left.

Photo obtained from Bill Harrison's WWII mementos by my cousin;
WW-II Navy veteran, Robert L. Harrison -- brother of William A. Harrison.
Some notes about the photo from cousin Bob Harrison:    "This is a copy of the names on the back of the photograph of UDT-14 as written by my brother, Bill Harrison. Because the names were written in longhand, I had some difficulty reading some of the names which I have indicated with a question mark.I counted 86 names listed plus five mentioned in Billís note below the list, a total of 91 men."

Bill's note on the photo reads: "This is team after three operations, Luzon, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa. Mr. Yates missing, killed at Iwo. Mr. Barber, Mr. Hall, Tomikel, and Upchurch were still in Pearl Harbor with gear."
UDT-14 TEAM MEMBERS        Left to Right
1st Row
2nd Row
3rd Row
4th Row
Riggins Lucas Kemp Pringle
Solatka Swartz Kelly Massaro
Fairweather Otto Lennon Johnson
Clemdening Mrazek Kelsey Harrison
McMullen Whitener Kitchens LaRue
Kirk Smith, C.D. Avant Cousins
Emery--E.O Burgess Ferguson MacKovitch
Onderdonk C.O Halberg McElhasey Flynn
Henley LtJg Massie Stack Barnhart
Lewis Spears Bartholemei Murphy
Trafton Ference Barry Elmore
Snodgrass Grysybrinsky Ward Sockwell
Lott Turcotte Huffman Castellanos
Russell Gallo Wolfe Kerr
Terrell Tackett Goyetto
Littles Valentine McGuire
Diveley Carlson Higginson
Howard Seeley Rhodes
Goodwyne Pollock Corbett
Hurn Robinson
Lovett Besser
Smith MacDonald
Casto Hyman
Statler Basham
Bozman Achberger
Slowinski Wilson