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Uncle Sam Wants You Poster
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What do Arlington, Massachusetts, Mason, New Hampshire and Troy, New York all have in common?  ............  Samuel Wilson aka UNCLE SAM, lived there.

The links below will take you to pages of information about our American symbol of
UNCLE SAM. There you will find biographical information about the man and the legend -- including images of Samuel Wison's towns and his gravesite.

Arlington, Massachusetts - Where he was born
Mason, New Hampshire - Where he lived for a while
Troy, New York - Where he lived and died.

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Uncle Sam Memorial Foundation
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(This site is dedicated to the life and times of
Samuel Wilson better known as "Uncle Sam".)

The earliest known personification of what would become the United States was "Columbia" who first appeared in 1738 and sometimes was associated with Liberty.

With the American Revolutionary War came "Brother Jonathan" as another personification and finally after the War of 1812 Uncle Sam appeared.

As declared by an Act of the 87th Congress of the United States. The following Resolution was adopted on September 15, 1961: "Resolved by the Senate that the Congress salutes "Uncle Sam" Wilson of Troy, New York, as the progenitor of America's National symbol of UNCLE SAM."

James Montgomery Flagg James Montgomery Flagg (Born 18 June 1877)
Creator of the illustration of Uncle Sam. He claimed his illustration, an indelible American icon, had become the most famous poster in the world.
(Info and image from Library of Congress)
Here is another excellent biography of

James Montgomery Flagg, the artist - with illustrations
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Chronological Listing of Golden Age Illustrators


Grave of Sam Wilson "Uncle Sam" - From "Find A Grave"
Historic Character Time Line from the National Flag Day Foundation
Uncle Sam's House located on NH123,
about 5 mile south of Mason village in Mason, NH
Uncle Sam's Place (tm) - Troy, NY
Also see  Samuel Wilson - A brief genealogy
UNCLE SAM links from Arlington, Massachusetts
An Uncle Sam biography - From an elementary school in Nebraska
The Most Famous Poster via MEMORY: American Treasures of the Library of Congress