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August 2002 - from the USSVI webmaster

I will from time to time add to this page any new information and/or images that I receive pertaining to the S.O.P. plaques; their history and their current locations.

The one thing certain is that they were created and distributed by the United States Submarine Veterans of WWII.

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Still On Patrol plaque
This is another view of an installed "Still On Patrol" plaque.
See IMAGE-3 on the Indianapolis GRAYBACK memorial site.
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April 2002
Additional history of the plaque
Provided by Ron "Warshot" Smith WWII Submarine veteran:

    "The STILL ON PATROL plaque was designed by Paul Stolpman in 1959.

    In the late 1960s-early 1970s, five of the large ones were bought by the Seawolf Commission and installed in several places, mainly around Texas. Other Chapters of SubVetsWWII also bought some for their areas, but no one knows who or how many.

    Also the Seawolf Commision bought 100 smaller ones that were distributed to many Colleges and High Schools in the Houston area.

    The plaques were made by James Mathews Company, Pittsburg, PA."

April 02, 2002

SOP plaque on TORSKWe have one of these plaques mounted in a moveable display case in the After Torpedo Room on Torsk. It can be seen on the right in the image here. It's been there since I've been involved with the boat, almost 5 years now. Not sure of the history behind how it got there, but I'll do some asking next time our SUBVETS WWII guys are aboard.

I've also seen one on the pier alongside BECUNA in Philly.

Gil Bohannon