History of the development of the Submarine Memorials website

This page laid down March 07, 1998 and commissioned August 15, 1998 from the shipyards of USSVI members (Sid Harrison(NY) and Ron Martini(WY)) and is for public knowledge and is to remain free. We hope you can visit some of the sites we have brought onto the Net and tell others of them. We don't want anyone to ever forget. We hope this page will never be done and that it remain on "sea trials" forever.

Ron Martini's comments at initial launch"
"Would also like to thank the contributors to the page: Jim Christley, BR Barbee, PW Ellis, Bob Berry, Jim Rolle, John Fredrickson, Gil Raynor, Myron Howard, Buck Conrad, Bob Spide, John Donaldson, John Fredricks, Denny Doyle, Paul York, Phil Phillips, John Peters, Steve Atkatz, Neal Stevens, Ric Hedman, Paul Roggemann, Buck Conrad, Ron Durling, Roger Burleigh, Ron Smith and others who if would just remind me would also see their name here. BZ to all and BZ to the nth power to my cohort Sid Harrision."

9 November 2000 - I hereby relieve the watch and assume all custody and maintenence duties for this website from Ron Martini. This site would not exist if it were not for the tireless effforts of it's founder... Rontini.
So take a well deserved break Ron.
...      Sid Harrison

Summer of 2004
All USSVI webpages and responsibilities for USSVI webmaster duties were turned over to Greg Stiz under the auspices of the USSVI Chief Technical Officer.  See reformatted and click on the COMMUNICATIONS link on the left side of the page