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Posting date: 16 November 2002

From: Gordon D. Clark

15 November 2002

The new M&C website is a project of the USSVI Memorials and Ceremonies Committee.

The Committee is made up of:
Gordon D. Clark, Chairman 
Pat Ulmen, Eastern Regional Director 
Art Randall, Central Regional Director
Jim Foote, Western Regional Director

The Webmaster is Dave Eberhart of the TJC Base

It was proposed by ERD Pat Ulmen, funded by USSVI National, and acted on by the M&C committee.

It is an effort to highlight items of interest on the topic of Memorials and Ceremonies. We feel that this helps the organiztion to further fulfill it's creed to perpetuate the memory of our lost shipmates.

Gordon D. Clark, Chairman

The following was excerpted from the United States Submarine Veterans Memorials and Ceremonies Home Page which has only recently been placed on line.

If you have questions about the website that is linked above please addresss your questions to the webmaster of that site or to

M&C Notes

Date:   25 November 2002
From:   Art Randall
Subject:   The Memorials and Ceremonies Website (M & C Note 01)

    "Wherever you are, if there is a Submarine Memorial, Memorial Service, Boat Tolling or other Ceremony, where you are or plan to be, it is likely that it will be listed here, to the extent that we have been notified by the responsible SubVet Base in sufficient time to post it.

    Navigation is easy. Click on the REGION in which you are interested, and all the Memorial Services and Ceremonies that have been scheduled and provided to us, will be listed by City within State, showing, in a 12 month moving date order, where Base Memorials and Ceremonies, Parades and other events are being held.

    Clicking on STATE will list all the Cities where such events are being held. Clicking on CITY will give you the Base name and, if provided by the reporting Base, a hyperlink to the latest detail regarding the Memorial and/or Ceremony, including time, location, agenda and/or any meetings, luncheons, dinners etc., associated with the event.

    You will also be given the name of the Base M&C POC, his e-mail address and phone number. In some cases, maps and lodging options may also be provided by the reporting Base.

    Click on WWII MEMORIAL SITES and then STATE, and you will see the city and memorial site location including a picture of the memorial to the State's SubVet WWII organization's adopted submarine lost during WWII. Not all States have a memorial site erected for their "adopted" submarine in which case such absence will be noted. Clicking on WWII BOAT HISTORIES will give you a quick historical vignette of each lost boat. Also, clicking on Submarine Museums will take you to the Home Pages of all the Submarine Museums in the US."