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You are entering the archived listing of U.S. Submarine Memorials and Artifacts Sites as initially compiled and presented on the USSVI website during my tenure as USSVI Webmaster during the period of 2000 through 2004.

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This whole Memorial website thing was initiated by Ron Martini and then passed along to me. Also, Jim Christley provided the Rear Admiral Rindskopf monograph that was the basis for the Names Project with much input from John Carcioppolo and many, many others.

After I handed off the site to the new USSVI webmaster it was listed for a couple of years on the current USSVI site as "Legacy Pages".  It has since been deleted as the new USSVI Memorials site has grown.

Over time real-world memorial sites and stuctures-named-for-Submariners change. They may even no longer exist.  Whatever the reason --- like everything else in life --- things change.

I have archived this stuff for the same reason that you keep that old trunk in your attic which contains photos of people and places that no longer exist.

At any rate you can think of this as one of those musty old objects and photographs from a trunk in the attic:  simply a kind of quaint, plain-vanilla-HTML project from that ancient time back in the mists of antiquity called the early 2000s.

Anyway... it's all part of remembering.  So click on and enjoy. Maybe something in there will trigger an old memory of a time  ---  and a place  ---  or a shipmate now gone.

"Very nice. But where is all the latest info about Submarine Memorial stuff now? And how do I access it?"

Go here and click Sub Memorials. There you will see a map. Click the states and you got it. It is an excellent presentation that is kept current by USSVI members with up-to-date info and pictures.

~~~Sid Harrison (2012)


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