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A classroom as a memorial site for the
captured crew members of the
Background information for GRENADIER
WWII POWs were kept in Penang, Malaysia convent

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The convent is a very beatiful complex
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4 September 2000
From pain to gain    By Hwa Mei Shen
Article copied from The Star Online - Star Publications (Malaysia)

13 August 1999
LT McCoy speaks to USS HONOLULU crew about the GRENADIER

25 August 1945
LCDR Fitzgerald's POW repo

The survivors sent various mementos to the Convent with a request they be permanently displayed in the classroom so that this piece of history will not be forgotten.


This Form 2 classroom at the Convent Light Street must be the most notorious class in the entire Convent as it served as the internment camp for a group of prisoners of war who were captured by the Japanese after the USS GRENADIER was sunk in the Straits of Malacca.


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During their incarceration, the prisoners scratched their names with their belt buckles, on various parts of the classroom walls. 


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On left is pic of the corridor leading to that classroom and on right is another view of the class 

Roll Call

Some comments that were posted to the Penang website

My name is Robert York, I am a retired CPO of the U.S.Navy. On April 22,1943 The submarine I was on U.S.S. GRENADIER SS210 was sunk by an airplane off the coast of Sumatra. We all survived and were taken POW and taken to Penang and the convent Light Street held in cognito for about 3 or so months while being interragated by the Japs. I am in contact via emial with Miss Dilys Yap at present. Robert York    Robert York

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I am a Royal Malaysian Air Force officer and now in training in Alor Setar air base as a student pilot. I love WWII very much until i found some submarine sunk in Penang including British, Dutch, Japanese ,USA,even German submarine. Yoour sisters done a great job to keep the names of the US POW and i hope that your school will keep the memorial of the USS Gernadier POWs historical names intact and don't destroy it.It mean a lot to them for those who fight for freedom . Peace and God Bless You . Have a nice day : )Be free to write to me . Thanks
Lt Goh Keng Loon RMAF

My father was on the GRENADIER from her beginning. He was on every patrol of that submarine but the last one. He was left in Perth for surgery on his arm and was to go back on the GRENADIER when she returned. As you know, she never returned. If it had not been for the surgery, his name would be on the wall in your school. My father was good friends with the engenier Leslie, and The cook, Charley Westerfield. He knew the crew, but those were his best friends. When the GRENADIER did not return, he served on the Grayling and the Gar, but it always bothered him that he was not with his shipmates on the last patrol of the GRENADIER.   Bill Bliss

My father, James D. Landrum was a member of the USS GRENADIER that was sunk in WW2. He was held prisoner at the convent light street by the Japanese. I would like to get pictures of the school and where the prisoners scratched their names in the wall. Any information I could get would be appreciated. Do you have a mailing address? Gerald Landrum    gerald a. landrum

Convent Light Street was where American Prisionors from a submarine were held during WWII. If you can wrangle permission from the scool they will take you to one of the class rooms, that held them. You can still see where they carved their names and their is a small memorial to the men, along with some photos, and news stories.   Bill Evans