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The following was copied from a political BBS.
I have not established it's accuracy
It appears to check with other partial listings that I have seen of killed and wounded. 
I will leave it on this page - but the reader is warned that it has not yet been 100% substantiated.

Sid Harrison      March 2002

Of Lexington
    *Robert Monroe
    *Jonas Parker
    *Samuel Hadley
    *Jona Harrington
    *Caleb Harrington
    *Isaac Muzzy
    *John Brown
    John Raymond
    Nathaniel Wyman
    Jedidiah Monroe
Of Menetomy
    Jason Ruffel
    Jabez Wyman
    Jason Winship
Of Sudbury
    Deacon Haynes
    Mr Reed
Of Concord
    Captain James Mills
Of Bedford
    Captain Jonathon Wilson
Of Acton
    Captain Davis
    Mr. Hofmer
    James Howard
Of Woburn
    *Azael Porter
    Daniel Thompson
Of Charleston
    James Miller
    Captain William Barber’s Son
Of Brookline
    Isaac Gardner
Of Cambridge
    John Hicks
    Moses Richardson
    William Massey
Of Medford
    Henry Putnam
Of Lyon
    Abenoge Ramsdell
    Daniel Townsend
    William Flint
    Thomas Hadley
Of Danvers
    Henry Jacobs
    Samuel Cook
    Ebenezer Golthwait
    George Southwick
    Benjamin Deland
    Jotham Webb
    Perley Putnam
Of Salem
    Benjamin Pierce
Of Lexington 
    John Robbins
    John Tidd
    Soloman Peirce
    Thomas Winship
    Nathaniel Farmer
    Joseph Comee
    Ebenezer Monroe
    Francis Brown
    Prince Esterbrooks
Of Framingham
    Mr. Hemenway
Of Bedford
    John Lane
Of Woburn
    George Reed
    Jacob Bacon
Of Medford
    William Polly
Of Lynn
    Josua Feit
    Timothy Munroe
Of Danvers
    Nathan Putnam
    Dennis Wallis
Of Beverly
    Nathaniel Cleaves
Of Menotomy
    Samuel Froft
    Seth Russel
Those distingiused with this mark [*] were killed by the first fire of the Regulars.
Some of the Men who "gave them ball for ball" and, ultimately, gave their all.