Photographs from the Life of Edward Latimer Beach
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Commanding Officer, USS TRIGGER II (SS 564), 1952. One of the problems with this ship, our first post-war design submarine, was that her engines were so undependable that he felt it necessary ultimately to declare her unfit for war service. (She was later lengthened some 12 feet and new engines installed, but this was after his command tour.) In the picture shown, Beach had been in the engine room looking over some of the problems already becoming evident in this brand new boat when he was called topside. A photographer present took this picture showing TRIGGER’s skipper in his work clothes.


As prospective Commanding Officer, USS TRITON (SS(R)N) 586, 1958. Beach was then taking nuclear power training under Admiral Rickover. Later that same year he reported to New London where TRITON was under construction. The ship was launched in August 1958, placed in commission 10 November 1959, and departed on shakedown cruise (around the world submerged) in February 1960. Beach was detached in 1961.


Aboard the Triton during her historic shakedown cruise in 1960, during which she circumnavigated the world submerged. The photo shows Captain Beach with an angry look on his face, because the photographer posed him at the periscope with his uniform cap on, in spite of his complaint that you can't look through the 'scope with a hat brim in the way. As a result, Beach is always explaining.

Ned and Ingrid together, circa 1994