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"I dragged my gear down to the shore and saw the submariners, the way they stood aloof and silent, watching their pigboat with loving eyes. They are alone in the Navy.   I admired the PT boys. And I often wondered how the aviators had the courage to go out day after day, and I forgave their boasting. But the submariners! In the entire fleet they stand apart."    ~~~James A. Michener, Tales of the South Pacific -- 1946
Contributed by John Clear

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The Purpose of this Page:

In the very broadest sense everything about submarines on the internet could be called "history". Included in that history, of course, would be personal web pages, the boat pages, our "sea stories" and pages dedicated to REMEMBERING those on eternal patrol. And you can always LOOK IT UP in books and museums.

This collection page, as presented here, is not intended to duplicate the above, but rather is intended to be a place to consolidate links to submarine history sites. Specifically, for lack of a better term, those internet pages that are of a more-or-less scholarly nature. That is, those providing reasonably well researched and referenced submarine historical information. This assemblage also includes some pages of historical content which were previously linked on my other pages -- those that were adrift in that limbo called "miscellaneous".

Although many excellent submarine history pages are "official Navy" I have chosen to feature an unofficial page by Gary W. McCue.( His Holland page - linked on at Our Sumarine History  Index-02. It is a very well researched, rich source of information -- and is in fact, the best I have seen on the net about that man often called the "father of modern submarines", John P. Holland.
...Sid H.

Holland's first submarine on display at the Paterson, NJ Museum

JOHN HOLLAND - Subject related photos with text
Four photos from Ireland and the NJ Museum. 
Copied from the collection of Martin Schaffer of SubVets WWII

John P. Holland from the Clare County Ireland Library

Copied from National Archives
An image of SS-1

More on HOLLAND #1

John Holland  - Father of the Modern Submarine
by Edward C. Whitman  (Summer 2003)
via Undersea Warfare
The Official Publication of the Undersea Warfare Community

John Philip Holland via  research.info.com

Spring 2000 -  Son of the first US Submarine skipper 
Capt. Harry H. Caldwell USN/Ret remembers his father
... by Bob Hamilton - New London Day Staff Writer
Article Copy

6 July 2008 -  Death announcement of Capt. Harry H. Caldwell USN/Ret.

Fulton's Submarine: Library of Congress (.gov)

Robert Fulton - The Engineer, as Inventor, in Submarine Warfare 
via ROBERT FULTON:   His Life

A History of Submarine Technical Innovations (.mil)
 A superb summary that begins with the TURTLE, 
the ALLIGATOR,  the CSA H.L. HUNLEY and the 
INTELLIGENT WHALE through to the latest SEAWOLF


The Navy searches for first sub,
The USS Alligator, lost in 1863
By DIANE TENNANT, The Virginian-Pilot © 
Article copy - June 21, 2004
Additional links:

A 1776 Submarine via Mayflower Families
Also see David Bushnell's American Turtle
From the Connecticut River Museum
THE 25 March 1915 SINKING OF THE USS F-4 Includes
information about the current (Y-2000) efforts to replace
the old crew-members common grave headstone at 
Arlington Cemetery with a new headstone and move
the old stone to the USS BOWFIN Submarine Memorial, Pearl Harbor.

CSA Submarine H.L. Hunley

research.info.com:  Horace Lawson Hunley


CSA Submarine Hunley History

Confederate States' Ships
H.L. Hunley (Submarine, 1863-1864)

US People--Hunley, Horace Lawson
US People--McClintock, James R.
USN Ships--USS Housatonic (1862-1864) Sunk by CSS HUNLEY

Jim Christley's U.S. Submarine History Summary

Prepared by Captain Brayton Harris, USN (Retired) Author,
The Navy Times Book of Submarines: A Political, Social 
and Military History  Submarine History Timeline
1580-1869,   1870-1914,   1914-1945,   1945-2000

On April 11 1900 the US Navy accepted its first submarine, USS Holland

The Invention of the Submarine

A series of articles copied from the New London Day 
ELECTRIC BOAT - A Battler at 100

Discovery sparks search for historic sub
Little-known USS Alligator sunk off N.C. coast in 1863
By Michael E. Ruane
Article copy - Dec. 15, 2003

George Pararas-Carayannis' Paper:
The TURTLE: A Revolutionary Submarine
Local copy HERE
Also here are two artist's images of Bushnell's TURTLE
(Source of pictures - unknown)