USS Holland Compressed Air System

Computer model of the air system

Computer Model of Compressed Air System

The USS Holland compressed air system consisted of a 2000 psi subsystem, a 50 psi subsystem and a 10 psi subsystem. An on board compressor capable of compressing air to 2000 psi was used to fill the six 2000 psi air flasks. Reducing valves were incorporated to reduce the pressure from 2000 psi to 50 psi and from 50 psi to 10 psi in order to blow tanks and operate equipment safely.

The 2000 psi subsystem supplied air to charge the torpedoes, fire the dynamite gun, and feed the 50 psi system.

The 50 psi subsystem supplied air to blow the forward and aft trim tanks, blow the gasoline tank, blow the whistle, power the hydraulic oil pump and eject torpedoes.

The 10 psi subsystem supplied air to blow the torpedo tube, blow the main ballast tank, blow the aft ballast tank, and blow the compensating tanks.

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