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John Philip Holland
And His Submarines
John Holland in the turret of the Holland VI
The United States Submarine Service was born on April 11, 1900 when the Navy Department purchased John Holland's sixth submarine.  The Holland VI was commissioned as USS Holland on October 12, 1900 and later given the designation SS-1.

My name is Gary McCue.  I have a degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from Webb Institute.  I work as a consultant for Dassault Systemes supporting the shipbuilding industry. Dassault Systemes developed the CATIA software used to build the computer model of the USS Holland.

The John Holland project began in 1992 when I was working for Computer Sciences Corporation supporting the Electric Boat Company. I was looking for something I could model using CATIA that could be used for public demonstrations.  I decided to build a computer model (of) the USS Holland because 1) it was a small submarine that incorporated most of the systems used in submarines today, 2) it was the first submarine in the United States Navy, and 3) it played a key role in the formation of the Electric Boat Company.  I soon learned that little information was readily available.  As a result, my modeling project became a research project, a hobby and an obsession. 

This website was created to share my research with others.  On this site, you will find:

     1) Information on each of his submarines
     2) Technical and historical details for the USS Holland
     3) Information about key people
     4) Holland family genealogy
     5) Footnotes and an extensive bibliography.
     6) High resolution scans of drawings found in the national archives.
     7) Information on late 19th century submarine development.  (putting Holland's acheivements in context)
     8) Papers written by John Holland
     9) Crew recollections
    10) Many historical documents including trial reports, specifications and newspaper accounts.

Any questions or comments may be directed to the E-mail address below.
Gary W. McCue