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For the copy of Gary McCue's original Welcome Page:
(The 'top" page as seen in the original GEOCITIES website. With background modification.) 
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Summer of 2012

Notes from Sid Harrison:

The material in Gary' McCue's original John Holland Project website has been archived on the site.

Nothing of the heart and substance of Mr. McCue's website was deliberately alterd or deleted.

The reader should find the background stories and information about John Holland's associates, travails and competitors (as presented by Gary McCue) to be invaluable for filling in those  knowledge gaps of long-ago submarine origins and developments.

Now a brief  word about "copying" aka archiving.        My universal DISCLAIMER

1.    For several years I had visited and appreciated Gary McCue's labors in buiding his historical treasure website about submarine history and John P. Holland's place in that history.  Unfortunately he had the whole thing on the doomed GEOCITIES server.

After GEOCITIES went belly-up a few years ago  (By the way, with a great loss of many good websites.)  I found Gary's
John Holland Project site relocated on something called "REOCITIES":  an archive type project  for the long-gone GEOCITIES.

Well as it turns out, I recently tried the site --- located at --- and found that many of the John Holland Project  images were not there. 

Again, after much frantic searching of the net I found the McCue John Holland Project in another location:  100% intact, and now being saved by a different "archive site"      ( I guess -- attempting to save as much as they can of the old GEOCITIES stuff.)       I'm glad it was there.

2.   Therefore, I decided I ain't gonna let that happen again.  Which brings us back to COPYING.

 That is why this stuff is here.   At least until my server dies and/or I do --- or Gary calls in the "copy Cops" and arrests me.

Hey Gary, wherever you are;  I, as a retired Submariner, appreciate your work --- so let's not allow it to languish and slide into that black hole of cyberspace where neglected websites go.

Warm regards and maintain a zero bubble. (Archives are our friends).

Sid Harrison