Sid Note:
The internet is much like one of those signboards from decades ago. The kind before neon tubing when hundreds of individual incandescent light bulbs made up the sign. Some bulbs eventually burned out. So it is with "stuff on the net".
With that in mind I frequently download and attempt to save information that may someday just burn out and disappear.
Here are some copies I saved of this very informative series. (After all, It is OUR history)
I have not included all articles among my copies. The few omitted were mainly of internal interest only to the company or union personnel.
The NEW LONDON DAY's on-line, original EB 100 YEAR HISTORY SERIES

The 100 Year History of ELECTRIC BOAT
Copied from THE NEW LONDON DAY in New London Connecticut . Where else?

  • EB, the No. 1 sub maker: ‘A unique resource for a unique product’
  • Morris view of Holland more widely accepted in our era
  • The old and the new: Holland submarine was a far cry from the new Virginia Class
  • Today’s studies ponder tomorrow’s advanced subs
  • Vision of EB’s president Hopkins led to creation of General Dynamics
  • Willingness to take risks is hallmark of EB’s history
  • EB subs played crucial role in WWII
  • The Navy asks, and this Groton yard delivers - no matter what the technology
  • Shipyard’s history a diverse one